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Wine Tasting

Napa Valley is known through out the world for being one of the prime spots for wine tasting and all that comes with it, and we're lucky enough to be in the same vicinity! The environment in this area is the perfect atmosphere for grape growing and wine making, and that's why thousands of wine lovers flock here each and every week. Not only is it the prime condition for making this beverage, but it's also one of the most beautiful spots in California. You'll see exactly what we mean when you can take in the picturesque views of the rolling hills and lush green vineyards with a glass of hand crafted wine in hand. What could be better than that?

If you want to find a wine that you like, or just want to try a bunch of different kinds, it's a great idea to go on some winery tours. During these tours, you will taste test some amazing wines that were grown in the area. There is a process on how to taste test wine, and the staff at the wineries will be sure to illustrate them for you. First you look at the color of the wine, swirl the wine, take a sniff of the wine, you taste it and lastly, you savor the flavor to see how the after taste is. Maybe you're not a big wine person and are afraid that you will come across one that is not tasty? You don't have to worry about swallowing that wine, as most places either have a spittoon or allow you to spit on the floor. It is not considered rude to spit out wine, so don't worry about that!

Each winery comes with it's own special personality, and that's one of the most exciting things about visiting these establishments. You'll see some distinctive architecture, meet a bunch of new people, and enjoy some wine that you've never had before. It's even better when you have a party bus to enjoy the entire experience with! Our chauffeurs are totally knowledgeable about Napa Valley and the entire winery tour experience, so they'll know how to customize your trip to make it enjoyable for you...just let them know what you like! With a designated driver on our buses, there's no need for that spittoon! On our party buses, you'll get to enjoy a place to relax after walking around wineries. Enjoy a winery tour in the lap of won't regret it!

Call us today to make a day out of your wine tours. Buy a couple bottles and drink them on the bus. Don't worry about drinking and driving.

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